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Using modern and environmentally friendly production processes, the German company Acufirm has been producing surgical and hypodermic needles as well as custom products made to order for more than 120 years.

AMG International is a recognised specialist for high-quality products in the field of interventional cardiology. The company was also the first to release a bare metal coronary stent made of a cobalt-chromium alloy.

Since 1994, AMPri has been the go-to specialist for medical disposables in the fields of occupational safety, hygiene and nursing care. AMPri’s products have applications in occupational health and safety, in the food industry and in the fields of medicine, hygiene and nursing care. The assortment includes everything a modern company needs for its daily hygiene requirements, from gloves for all types of uses to head-to-toe protective wear to disinfectants.

AngioDynamics has been developing innovative medical devices since 1988 to deliver safe and high-quality care for chronic and acute disease states in vascular, peripheral vascular and oncology medicine.

AS Medizintechnik GmbH was founded in 1998 by Andreas Schilling. The medical company with headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany has a sales network in over 70 different countries and offers a variety of standard and specialised instruments for surgical applications.

Becker is a provider of modern and above all stable, clear and functional clinic and hospital furniture.

Belmont Medical Technologies specializes in the manufacture of innovative medical device solutions that enable fluid and temperature management of critical care patients. A high demand for quality and patient safety, and the continuous pursuit of further development characterize the US medical technology company.

Berner International specialises in high-quality protective systems for pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications. The product range includes safety cabinets, isolators, waste sealing units and complete personal protection kits including protective gloves and protective clothing for laboratory personnel and pandemic responders.

The core product range consists of cranial stabilisation and retractor systems for standard neurosurgical applications and intraoperative imaging procedures. All products are manufactured with a focus on quality, innovation and expert technical support.

Boso has been producing top-quality blood pressure monitors for over 100 years. With good reason, the Boso company motto is “blood pressure monitoring is boso”.

Founded in 2006, CapsoVision specialises in diagnostic imaging of the gastrointestinal system. The company’s innovative capsule endoscope enables 360° panoramic views that provide a more comprehensive imaging solution.

Cardinal Health is a US and international pharmaceutical company that is dedicated to providing high quality medical devices across the continuum of care. The product portfolio ranges from interventional cardiovascular medical devices, to medical solutions in the areas of patient care, deep vein thrombosis and more. 

Cardionovum is a pioneer in the field of cardiovascular medical solutions. The company is known for its innovative quantum leap DES/DCB technologies used to treat coronary and vascular artery disease.

ConvaTec is one of the world’s leading companies in the development of medical technologies. The product portfolio focuses on the fields of stoma care, wound care, faecal incontinence, intensive care and infusion therapy.

Formerly known as Albyn Medical, Creo Medical develops innovative product solutions used primarily in the fields of gastroenterology, urology and endoscopy. Through continuous research and product development, Creo Medical aims to make its products and procedures safer than ever for patients and doctors. 

The company, incorporated in the UK, develops and produces hospital supplies as well as medical technology products for the urology, nursing and hygiene sectors.

Dahlhausen, with origins dating back to 1854, is a leading single-source supplier of clinical accessories in Europe. With its extensive product range, the developer and producer serves the specialty fields of anaesthesia, surgery and patient care.

Dispomedica manufactures high-quality medical disposables for use in cardiology and intensive care, cardiac surgery, gastroenterology and general surgery.

Ecolab specialises in comprehensive hygiene solutions for all kinds of clinical settings where hygiene plays a particularly important role. The products, which are also offered with the corresponding services, are primarily used in hospital wards, operating theatres, central sterile services departments and staff hygiene.

Frankenman has been founded in 2014 as a sales subsidiary of the Chinese parent company Suzhou Frankenman Medical Equipment Co. Ltd. which is one of the world's largest manufacturers of surgical staplers as well as minimally invasive instruments. For decades, Frankenman has been known for its high quality and innovative surgical solutions.

GEM is an Italian manufacturer of surgical adhesive products. The company was founded in 1994 and continuously invests in research and product optimisation.

The dutch company GeniMedical B.V. was founded in 1998 and produces orthopaedic solutions for hospitals and clinics.

German medical devices company GKE develops concepts for cleaning and sterilisation monitoring in the reprocessing of medical devices and produces corresponding biological and chemical indicators.

Founded in 1932, Gimmi® GmbH is a medical company based in Tuttlingen (Germany) that specializes in endoscopic surgery.

Our mission is to provide high-quality surgical products and solutions to healthcare professionals worldwide based on our many years of experience, sustainability and innovation, with the aim of improving patient safety and quality of life!

We are proud of our high technical standards for our manufacturing processes, which lead to high-quality and outstanding products with the “Made in Germany" seal of quality.

Givas has been manufacturing and supplying furniture for hospitals, medical clinics and nursing homes for over 30 years. The experience gained from years of research, innovation and technological progress enables Givas to deliver specialised products that are as solid as they are reliable. The medical furniture from Givas helps to promote the well-being of patients while simplifying the caregivers’ work.

HSO – Hospital Supply Organisation – develops medical devices for hospital use. The company specialises in providing individual, needs-based solutions developed in close cooperation with the user and at times with the patient. HSO also optimises existing products in terms of user-friendliness and patient comfort.

InspireMD’s innovative stent designs and proprietary MicroNet technology contribute to embolic and neurovascular protection and stroke prevention following carotid stenting and surgery.

Novo Klinik-Service GmbH develops medical aids and medical technology solutions for the intensive care, anaesthesia and nursing sectors. The core competencies include airway management, infusion and surgical drain management, as well as fixation and pressure relief management.

Kai Medical’s product range includes microsurgical knives for use in ophthalmic procedures, biopsy punches and curettes for dermatological applications and different models of scalpels and blades for general surgery.

KaWe offers a broad range of diagnostic medical equipment, including high-quality otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes and dermatoscopes as well as a wide selection of laryngoscopes, blood pressure monitors, metal instruments and medical equipment for general practice.

A part of the Steris Corporation, Key Surgical is focused on the development and distribution of sterile processing, operating room and endoscopy products. Key Surgical currently supplies more than 10,000 hospitals and surgical centres around the world.

The german, family-run company K.H.Dewert has been producing treatment tables for hosptials, doctors and therapists since 1975.

Kimal is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of specialised procedural packs and vascular access solutions with worldwide distribution.

KLS Martin is a specialist for the development and supply of medical technology solutions for almost all surgical fields. The portfolio is focused on implants and implant systems, high-frequency surgical devices, surgical lasers, sterilisation containers, surgical lamps, surgical instruments and customised surgery solutions.

Medline produces and distributes a wide range of surgical and nursing products for healthcare facilities and markets worldwide, covering almost all areas of daily hospital needs.

In the field of medical device production, Meding specialises in the manufacture of moulded plastic parts to the highest hygiene and cleanliness standards. The company’s specialists provide support through an integrated, end-to-end productivity and workflow process: from product design to prototype and production.

Jiangsu Medomics Medical Technology was founded in October 2017. The Chinese company specialises in the diagnosis of microorganisms, tumours and several rare diseases and in 2020 developed an antigen test for Covid-19.

UK-based Mehma Medical Trading was founded in April 2020 to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Founded in 1969, Mentor Worldwide LLC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical products for the global aesthetic medicine and reconstructive surgery market. The California-based company has been producing high-quality breast implants for over 30 years. Mentor received its first CE certification in 1995.

MoveoMed GmbH is a personally managed healthcare company that offers needs-based hygiene solutions for medical facilities (hospitals, doctors’ practices, nursing homes, etc.). The sanitary hygiene product area includes the production and marketing of the sonothermal disinfection device MoveoSiphon ST24 for use in the sanitary areas of hospitals.

The Swiss-based company specialises in the production of needs-based hospital solutions. A part of the production is also carried out directly in Switzerland. Special advantages for Nizell’s customers include the realisation of individual, low-volume orders as well as product repair.

The medical device company obp specializes in the development of single-use devices with integrated light sources that are used in minimally invasive procedures worldwide. The focus is on clinical efficiency, functionality and patient safety.

Optimum Medical is a UK-based manufacturer of inspired everyday healthcare products, including ultrasound gels.

OrbusNeich has been developing, manufacturing and selling innovative medical devices used in the field of interventional cardiology for more than 20 years.

The medical company Oriplast GmbH was founded over 50 years ago and offers a variety of cost-effective and high-quality products for use in medical and clinical areas.

PDC Healthcare provides best-in-class identification solutions for safe and efficient patient management. The product range enables healthcare facilities to improve patient safety and care quality at critical points of care.

Since its founding in 1979, PMT Corporation has been dedicated to research and development of high quality specialty products, devices, and other medical instruments used primarily in the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic medicine and gastrointestinal endoscopy.

The established and family-run provita medical gmbh & co. kg is one of the leading medical technology companies. provita medical boast over 50 years of tradition and experience and have a wide array of products at their disposal.

Rein Medical is a system service provider that implements end-to-end IT solutions, from planning to handover, for clinics and doctors’ practices.

Resintex has been internationally successful as a specialist supplier of nonwovens in traditional and modern wound care since 1982. The product portfolio includes various nonwoven solutions that are used for hygienic absorption, for example in the operating room, and for sterile wound covering.

Ropimex has specialised in privacy systems to protect the privacy of patients and care recipients since 1976.

Samarit Medical is dedicated to supporting caregivers and simplifying their work – both in hospital and home care.

Sellution Medical is a German specialist in gynaecological medical devices for hygiene and disinfection in doctors’ practices and hospitals.

The SEM-Plastomed GmbH was founded in 1971 and focuses on the manufacturing of medical plastic products such as suction tubes, surgical suction sets, adapters, connectors and oxygen safety tubes.

SFXray is a leading European manufacturer of X-ray protection garments and equipment to protect against scatter radiation.

Somatex Medical designs and supplies high-quality medical disposables worldwide. The portfolio includes biopsy, pulmonary intervention, foetal therapy and surgical lighting products.

The biotech company was founded in 2008. It has been part of the DMS Group since 2015 and brings extensive expertise in adipose tissue, adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells and their use in plastic and reconstructive surgery. The company is best known for its surgical kits for the harvesting, treatment and reinjection of adipose cell preparations.

STERIMED Infection Control has been involved in the manufacture of packaging materials for the medical industry for over 100 years. Their products serve as protection for packaged medical devices.

Established in 1932, the company has made a name for itself around the world with its high-quality scalpels, scalpel blades and handles. The wide product range currently includes 70 different blade shapes and 30 different handles.

Tokai Medical is a Japanese manufacturer with a focus on the research and development of medical devices in the fields of cardiology, peripheral intervention, endovascular intervention, interventional radiology, neurointervention and paediatric intervention.

Toray exports its high-quality medical devices worldwide. The company’s products are mainly used in the fields of dialysis, critical care and interventional cardiology. 

The Swiss company UnoQuip specializes in single-use medical products in the areas of fluid management, urological drainage, airway management, respiratory care and surgical suction.

As a pioneer in radiation therapy, Varian has been fighting cancer for over 60 years. The company’s innovative achievements, especially in radiotherapy and radiosurgery technologies, have earned Varian widespread acclaim throughout the oncology community.

VascoCare is a specialist for optimal and innovative patient positioning.

The Spanish company VOE specializes in the manufacture of compression garments used after plastic and cosmetic surgeries. The focus lies on producing garments with optimal functionality and maximum wearing comfort. The production site is located in Spain. 

The medical device manufacturer headquartered in France has many years of experience in an international environment. Thanks to its high standards of quality, the company has become a global market leader in the medical technology sector. The product range includes medical devices for vascular access, regional and plexus anaesthesia, pain therapy, respiratory care and enteral nutrition.

For over 40 years, Wiegand AG has been developing innovative solutions for consumables and medication logistics, from central warehousing to the furnishing and equipping of ward rooms.